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Your travel dreams come to life as we curate every aspect of your journey for a truly exceptional and bespoke experience.

At R4 Tours, we’re all about discovering new things. Our founder, Mr. Reny De Silva, has been in the hospitality business for over 40 years. He’s worked in really nice 5-star hotels and beautiful tourist spots on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. He used to be the Resident Manager of many of these places! He’s really good at planning trips for people who stay at hotels.

Our driver guides are super experienced and know a lot of stuff.

Get ready for a fantastic journey around Sri Lanka with our special travel options. You’ll get to learn about the past, visit special places that the world thinks are important, taste yummy foods from far-off lands, and relax on the best beaches. Your time with us is more than just a trip – it’s like making friends with the amazing things that Sri Lanka has to show you!

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Discover peace of mind with our Safe Tour Guide. As experts in travel security,

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We design tailored itineraries that capture the essence of your travel ambitions.

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